SPV-100A Solar Powered Vent Flare with Automatic Shutoff Valve

For many small landfills, a series of SPV-100A flares is much more economical than construction and installation of a conventional Landfill Gas Collection and Control System (LGCCS).

The SPV-100A is a self-contained solar powered landfill gas vent flare with a low vacuum blower and automatic shutoff valve for flame-out conditions. A fail safe feature closes the valve and shuts off the blower if battery voltage goes low. Design biogas flow rate range is 5-140 SCFM (8-240 NCMH).

The 24 volt DC automatic shutoff valve features built-in heater for valve actuator dehumidification and is controlled by a programmable relay for customized setpoint.

The SPV-100A features a NEMA 4 enclosure with breakers, power supply and programmable relay for valve operation. A voltage sensor and flare temperature data logger are also included.

  • Self-Contained Solar Spark® Vent Flare System for Gas Flows from 5-140 SCFM (8.5-240 NCMH)

  • 12 Volt DC Low Vacuum Ignition Protected Blower

  • 270 Watt Solar Power System

  • Automatic Shutoff Valve for Flameout Conditions

  • Fail Safe Shutdown if System Voltage Goes Too Low

  • Flare Temperature Data Logger Records Thermal History

  • NEMA 4 Weatherproof Enclosure

DP-50 Data Station

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SPV-100A Solar Vent Flare 24 VDC Automated Shutoff Valve Solar Powered Automatic Controls


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