Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits are verified units of voluntary reduction of atmospheric carbon emission, usually expressed as Carbon Reduction Tons (CRT's) or Tons of CO2 Equivalent (CO2E). There are several different protocols to define and verify carbon credits, such as the Kyoto protocol, the Climate Action Reserve(C.A.R.), the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative and others. Markets exist to buy and sell carbon credits.

Methane, a principal component of biogas flares from landfills and anaerobic digesters is 21 times more damaging to the atmosphere than the carbon dioxide that results from methane combustion, therefore, voluntary thermal treatment of the methane in biogas generates carbon credits under the various protocols cited above.

LTL biogas flares are specifically designed to acquire the data necessary to successfully verify carbon credits for smaller facilities with relatively low biogas flow rates. These situations require low cost portable equipment to be economically feasible. Also, this equipment must be simple to operate and maintain. LTL flares are the best choice for this application.

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