Self Contained Portable Biogas Flares

LTL Biogas specializes in self-contained portable biogas flares in the 5-750 SCFM gas flow range. Many options are available including carbon credit flares for the landfill and digester gas industry.

*Data Acquisition Options are available for Carbon Credits.


150 SCFM Flare
150 SCFM Flare

LTL Biogas Flare System Description

The LTL Biogas Flare System includes three components:

  1. The RF-50 Biogas Flare
  2. The DP-50 Data Station
  3. The B-500G Blower Station

Each component is self contained and can operate independantly if desired, or a series of two or all three components can be installed together. Please see Product section for specific information on each component.

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